The days of bulky, uncomfortable hearing aids are in the past

Enjoy the days of clearer hearing. Recent technological advances, including Bluetooth and contactless recharging, mean hearing aids are becoming more discreet and user-friendly than ever.

Are you struggling to hear in loud environments? Or maybe you struggle to catch the odd word in a quiet conversation? Many people feel embarrassed about their hearing loss. Don’t. Hearing loss is far more common than you think.

Statistics show that around 3.6 million Australians suffer from hearing loss1. Millions of Aussies could benefit from hearing aid technology. Many, though, choose to ignore the issue.

With ground-breaking designs and world-class aftercare from our partners, there’s no need to continue to suffer in silence.

Life changing technology

The most common causes of hearing loss are related to aging and exposure to prolonged background noise. Over the course of our lifetimes, the fine hairs inside the ear gradually die off or are damaged by sound waves. Over time, these hairs become less sensitive. For all of us, this is a natural part of the aging process.

In addition, if you’ve worked in a loud environment such as a factory (or you’re a fan of heavy rock music!), there’s a high likelihood your hearing may have been affected. For all of us, thanks to technology, there are now highly effective ways to regain your hearing capability. 

On average, roughly one in seven Aussies suffer from hearing loss. Statistics estimate 14.5% of the population suffer from hearing loss1.

Modern hearing aids are now as sleek and well-designed as any other modern gadget. For example, one recent innovation is the invisible hearing aid which fits discreetly in the ear, amplifying outside noise without anyone noticing.

“…advances in technology mean hearing aids are now more discreet than ever.”

Many over-50s in Australia could significantly improve their lives with a hearing aid

If you are affected by the stress and frustration of hearing loss, it’s now completely free to book a hearing test to check what can be done.

Even so, prices for hearing aids vary, so it pays to shop around.