Experts estimate that thousands could benefit from modern hearing aids.

Small And Affordable

According to research* 42% of people over 50 and 71% of people over 70 suffer from hearing loss.

But there is no need to put up with hearing loss. Hearing aids are now smaller and more affordable thanks to better technology.

If you struggle to pick out words, or find loud places difficult, then a hearing aid may be able to help you.

Effectively Combat Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be part of the ageing process, but there are some effective ways to combat it.

Age and background noise can also be causes of hearing loss. As we get older the hairs inside our ear slowly die off or become less sensitive.

Although we can now fight the effects of hearing loss, many still suffer without taking action. On average it takes 10 years for people to address their hearing loss. Even though 1000s of over-50s could benefit from a hearing aid.

“People don’t realise you can arrange a hearing test for free”

You can check what can be done for your hearing loss for free.

This is sometimes because people are unwilling to wear clunky hearing aids. But they are now as well-designed as any other modern gadget.

One recent development is the invisible hearing aid, which slips into your ear without anyone noticing.

It also only makes certain sounds louder. So you don’t have to listen to background noise

Who should I work with?

One trusted and effective free online service is HearClear. We’ll find leading hearing specialists in your area. They can provide you with exactly the right type of hearing aid.

Invisible hearing aids are growing in popularity across the UK. Thousands of people each year rely on HearClear to help them find a hearing aid specialist.

Say goodbye to poor hearing and hello to the new you!

Here’s How You Do It:

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