The world’s changed a lot in the past forty years — and maybe you have too. If your hearing isn’t what it used to be, a discreet hearing aid could improve your quality of life and help you listen with confidence again.

Hearing loss is a serious concern for thousands of people across Ireland.

Compelling research shows1 that those who own a hearing aid are more likely to:

  1. Feel less lonely or isolated.
  2. Reduce their risk of developing dementia.
  3. Show an improved ability to communicate and socialise.
  4. Experience good mental health.

How much could you save?

The hearing aids of your parents’ generation are thankfully a thing of the past.

Gone are the days of unsightly behind-the-ear models that do little to boost self-confidence. Today, devices are a fraction of the size they once were and fit seamlessly into the ear.

And best of all, you could be back to having a good chinwag with friends for the price of your average holiday abroad, with prices starting from €1000 and more premium sets generally €3000 or higher.1

Certain individuals may also be eligible for a government grant of up to €500 for a single hearing aid, or up to €1000 for a pair of hearing aids2.

If you are serious about your health, it really does pay to shop around.

. . . So the only thing you’ll have to worry about is remembering to take them out before bed!