Funerals Can Be A Difficult Time For Families

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, and arranging a funeral entails many expenses that some Kiwis may not have even considered. On average, a funeral will likely cost over $10,0002, depending on the type of service chosen. From flowers to catering, the expenses that come with arranging a funeral, often at short notice, could become a financial burden.

With the Department of Work & Income, Funeral Grants are only available to those who qualify and with recent rises in funeral costs, it’s not surprising that only 5% of Kiwis3 plan for their funerals. As a result, many families may struggle to give their loved ones the send-off that they deserve.

Funeral Insurance could be an option to help cover the costs of a funeral.

“Choose a benefit amount up to $30,000 with a choice of fortnightly, monthly or annual payment plans at no extra cost”

How Does Funeral Insurance Work?

Funeral Insurance is designed to help pay for the cost of a funeral, or any other final expenses.

Funeral Insurance is designed to help support New Zealand families during difficult times by helping to pay for the cost of a funeral, or any other expenses left behind. Our Funeral Insurance allows for family members to take out cover on behalf of their
loved ones, such as a parent or grandparents.

A Funeral Insurance benefit pays a lump sum to loved ones when the insured person passes away – usually within 24 to 48 hours of an approved claim. This money could be used to cover funeral costs or other things that the family may need – such as settling debts or paying household bills.

What Are Some Typical Funeral Insurance Features?

Funeral insurance options in New Zealand are easy and straightforward, and generally include features such as:

  1. Guaranteed Policy Acceptance: New Zealand residents over 40 are guaranteed to be accepted when taking out funeral cover.
  2. No Health Questions: No need to go through medicals, paperwork or health questions when applying, so cover can be in place in minutes.
  3. Level Premiums: Premiums don’t increase with age and you’re covered for life.
  4. Flexible Cover: Choose a benefit amount up to $30,000 and there’s a choice of fortnightly, monthly or annual payment plans at no extra cost.
  5. Fast Claims Payout: Payments are usually made within 24-48 hours once a claim is approved, so families can receive financial help quickly.

How To Find Out More

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  • Step 2: Once you have answered some simple questions, you could get a Funeral Insurance quote in just a few minutes.