What’s the Connect Advantage?

  1. 2-week FREE Hearing Aid Trial – Try before you buy, absolutely free! Take a new pair of hearing aids home for two weeks to see how they work in everyday situations — no money down and no obligation.
  2. 3 Years of FREE Batteries – Get three years of batteries included with your purchase no matter what hearing aids you buy. Each year you will receive a box of 60 batteries for each hearing aid.
  3. 3-year Warranty and 3-year Loss & Damage – Enjoy a three-year manufacturer repair warranty and three years’ loss and damage coverage for all hearing aids.

The best way to find out what you’re eligible for is to Fill Out This Short Form to get accurate advice.

Change your life with award-winning technology

Advances in technology mean hearing aids are more powerful than ever. Modern devices offer a ton of amazing features which help improve everyday life.

  1. Virtually Invisible: Hearing aids are now incredibly discreet. And some models sit entirely within the ear canal, making them invisible to other people.
  2. Rechargeable: With the latest hearing aids there’s no need to worry about changing batteries or requiring spares.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity: Modern hearing aids pair wirelessly with your smartphone and other smart devices. This means making phone calls is easy.

How Affordable are Hearing Aids?

Prices start from as little as $50 per month. However, this can vary between models. Ultimately, it’s your individual needs that determine which device is best for you. So it’s important to visit a hearing specialist.

Once you’ve found your perfect hearing aids, paying for them is simple. Affordable payment plans are making hearing aids more accessible than ever to people across the country. That includes 0% interest and flexible term lengths.2

Your Hearing is Important, Take Care Of It

Connect Hearing has been helping people combat hearing loss for over 40 years. We are committed to our customers in providing industry-leading hearing health care in our nationwide network of hearing centers. Our top-rated hearing care professionals provide expert advice on diagnosing hearing loss and consulting on the latest technology in hearing aids.

Increased safety protocols are being reinforced across clinics to ensure that you and all their staff are kept safe.

Right now taking care of your hearing health is more important than ever as it allows you to stay better connected to the people who matter most to you.

Connects Hearing Care Professionals will find an innovative hearing solution that is right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. With monthly financing options and up to $1500 off select technology, you can be confident that Connect Hearing is the right partner for your hearing care journey.3

Not only are Connect Hearing the leaders in hearing health care, we also offer fantastic prices and cutting-edge audio technology and discreet designs.

Our top-rated hearing care professionals provide expert advice, whether you need a diagnosis or simply want to upgrade your existing hearing aid.

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